uDrift One per octave detune and drift utility module




The uDrift is a small utility module for introducing some oscillator detune and drift when using multiple oscillators. It accepts a one per octave signal and will shift the output +/- 2 octaves and provides a +/- 50 cents detune range. The output will also drift over time with an adjustable rate and intensity. Handy for adding some warm and “fatness” to a sound.


Input Signal Range Notes
o%20input 1 per octave pitch input

Output Signal Range Notes
o%20output 1 per octave pitch output


Control Function Notes
Oct shifts the output +/- 2 octaves useful for creating a sub-oscillator or adding a bit of high end
Fine fine tune +/- 50 cents static detune - 0.5 on knob is no detune
Drift amount of frequency drift maximum drift amount is adjustable with internal trimmer
Rate rate at which the drift changes



Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 uDrift V1.0.audulus (9.3 KB) 10/05/2018 initial upload


Revision File Date Notes
1.0 uDrift Demo 1.0.audulus (428.4 KB) 10/05/2018 initial upload


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