Tuner Module



This is a utility module to make implementing tuning controls a bit easier. It has inputs for a tune and fine tune knob. The tune knob spans 8 octaves and is quantized to semitones. The fine tune knob has a range of +/- 1 whole tone. Each knob has a dead spot in the center which sets the value to default. The dead spot width is currently 0.01 but can easily be modified. When the knob is in the dead spot, the corresponding fine or tuned output goes high to provide an indicator light


Input Signal Range Notes
fine 0 to 1 intended for a fine tuning knob - output range +/- 1 tone
tune 0 to 1 Intended for a tuning knob - output range +/- 4 octaves quantized to semitones

Output Signal Range Notes
fine 0 to 1 gate goes high when fine tuning is centered
tuned 0 to 1 gate goes high when tuning is centered
o -4 to 4 1 per octave pitch output


Control Function Notes



Meter Displays Notes


Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 tuner module V1.0.audulus (36.8 KB) 09/10/2019 initial upload