Transport Collection

Transport Collection

I’m posting this in the sequencer section because it’s in the same vein at least. Kind of a sequencer for sequencers. I’ve been working on a framework for generative patches for a while now and this is the latest iteration. The basic timing unit is the beat. Rather than measures or other higher level structures, I chose to make the transport position the number of beats since start. The master clock outputs beats at a specific BPM. It also outputs a much higher frequency signal for subdivisions of the beat. A start pulse is used to trigger events in the patch. The master clock will send a start pulse down the bus in response to a button press or gate. There is a delay module which will delay the start signal until the transport reaches a certain value or until a certain number of beats or start pulses have passed. A repeat module allows for repeats at a certain number of beats or start pulses.

There are a number of utility modules included. A flip-flop and switch module allows you to route the start pulse to different destinations. A gate module will generate a variable length gate signal with a trigger at the start and end of the gate.

Finally there are two interface modules to allow the timing information to be used with sequencers and the like. The first interface module outputs a note clock at values from whole notes to 32nd triplets and can be configured to run for a specific number of beats and reset or run continuously once started. The second is a simpler interface providing the beat clock and start and reset pulses as well as the current transport position.

The idea is to provide a master clock and also allow one to schedule a series of musical events to occur over time including some random events. It is intended to provide a way to tie together sequencers, long period envelopes and the like to control generative patches. Instructions are in the patch. The demo is pretty lame, but demonstrates the basic concepts.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.2 Transport Mk II V1.2.audulus (497.8 KB) 04/11/2020 added external clock sync input and utility gate module
1.1 superceded 09/05/2019 added random start and simple interface modules. Better module labeling.
1.0 superceded 09/04/2019 initial upload


Revision File Date Notes
2.1 Transport Mk II demo V2.1.audulus (3.3 MB) 09/05/2019 updated with V1.1 modules
2.0 superceded 09/05/2019 improved demo.
1.0 superseded 09/04/2019 initial upload

Wow, i missed this one!
Interesting stuff, and I like smaller modules with simpler functions.
Thank you!


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I was looking for a way to distribute timing information throughout a patch as well as a way to sequence various patch elements. In earlier versions each function had its own module but in this version I combined similar functions to reduce the number of modules. I still need to incorporate the external clock sync logic from my version of a master clock so that it can be synced to an external source. I’m hoping that Audulus 4 will eventually incorporate MIDI sync as well as DAW sync for the AU and Ableton Link, but you will still need a way to interface timing with the rest of the patch. Hopefully I can modify this set of modules to support future timing sources.

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