THX "Deep Note" score


I love the notation.


I wondered for a bit about how they would have programed that, then I remembered it was played by people on stringed instruments.


Interesting, not quite as extreme but it reminds me of a Xenakis or Penderecki score


But in a recognizable corporate context, weird how congruent the worlds of the avant guard and the advertising worlds can be some times.


Cool. That’s 30 voices at 3 oscillators per voice. Audulus might handle 90 on a Mac.


Mis-read, only 30 oscillators. How’s this? (easily runs on iPad)

THX.audulus (758.7 KB)


Just got a set of JBL LRS308 Studio Monitors a couple of weeks ago (see, even blowing a speaker is not all bad!). I was able to give them a good workout. Really brings out all the resonant frequencies in my room. The bass volume changes significantly even if I move only slightly. Guess I need to get more equipment (just to soak up some more sound)! BTW I think 90 oscillators would have been no problem even on the iPad. (especially with the fix):cowboy_hat_face:


This is awesome! I think it would sound a little more like it with saw oscillators maybe? It really does sound like it though.

PS people trying it out - it kinda winds up and is ready to GO! when you start it, but you have to press the button to actually get it to go. To reset it, press the GO button again and wait a second and then press it again to retrigger.

Great patch!


The oscillators are phasor based, so it would be simple to change. I’ll give a try when I get home. I figured the flashing light next to the go button would be a hint :cowboy_hat_face:


Here it is with saws
THX 2.audulus (764 KB)
Might need some filtering, it sounds a bit top heavy on my iPad. One advantage of the sines is no aliasing.


I think this patch deserves some highlighting on Saturday’s livestream.




Here’s a triangle version
THX 3.audulus (774.3 KB)
When I get home I’ll make one that morphs


Nice! The sines are my favourite of the three, but I’m curious about the morph.


This starts as sines then morphs to a mix of sines and saws.
(see below)


Very nice.


Now for Pithoprakta… :wink:


It’s fun to watch it with the music.


I think this is the best one I’ve done
THX Morph V1.1.audulus (1.0 MB)


That is pretty dang spot on! Great job :slight_smile: