The Infinite Sunbeam



Here’s a patch that features a module based on stuff originally by @stschoen and @robertsyrett - it’s a new Pattern Bank Sequencer that’s less limited in patterns but less fickle to dial in a particular beat. Each row gets a knob and allows you to choose between one of 32 possible options. I’m refining the design so that it can have a few extra features, but here’s what I have so far. This also features @robertsyrett’s West Cat Oscillator which is my new fav.j

Note: Pretty high CPU patch: 32% on my Macbook Pro. May not run on all machines. If it doesn’t run on your device, just try deleting some stuff, like the pad at the bottom of the patch and the drums.

The Infinite Sunbeam.audulus (1.4 MB)


Breaking up the pattern into 4 4-bit numbers is a nice way to give back some precise control while still having loads of generative possibilities.