The Garbler PLL

The Garbler PLL

This module aims to do just what the name implies. You send a signal in and what comes out is a garbled version of the signal. You can send modulation in and change it’s phase and shape, spice up your synth leads with extra harmonics, or glitch out your noises by putting it in a feedback loop.

The module is a bit nerdy in how it works, and I assure you that you don’t need to know any of this in order to get a good result. The Garbler PLL operates by detecting the phase, amplitude, and frequency of the incoming signal and attempts to match these elements. This information is fed to an internal oscillator, which has a sweepable morphing waveform and self waveform multiplication for lots of timbral sculpting. The threshold for syncing the internal oscillator can be adjusted to create track and hold type effects and a slew limiter on the frequency response also can add motion to the garbling. Finally a dry/wet mix is included, for those taming the craziness.

On the whole, the labels have been abstracted with the aim to encourage play. You don’t need to know the math in order to explore the noises available. Slap some LFO’s on the knobs or sample some youtube videos running through it. The only knob you need to remember is the bottom one is a dry/wet mix. :sunglasses:


Input Signal Range Notes
28%20AM57x55 -1 to 1 Audio or modulation.

Output Signal Range Notes
32%20AM51x53 Signal Range [Optional Notes]


Knob Function Notes
38%20AM94x89 Frequency Slew This controls the rate of change that the internal oscillator.
43%20AM93x78 Waveform Continuously sweeps from sine into triangle and then to saw.
48%20AM101x77 Waveform Multiplication This multiplies the number of times the ocillators waveform is repeated in a single cycle.
52%20AM97x75 Phase Relation Adjusts the phase of the internal oscillator ± 90°. Setting the knob to .5 will give you 0° shift.
56%20AM82x71 Dry/Wet Mix

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 The Garbler PLL.audulus (61.5 KB) 05/30/2018 Initial Upload


Revision File Date Notes
[Version] [Upload demo file here] [Month/Day/Year] [Optional notes]

Wow I LOVE the graphics!

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@biminiroad Here is the design process


Here is a video overview, which might make it more apparent why this is one the favorite modules I have made.


Nice intro! And nice graphics – fun to get a little peek into the design process. (Only getting to look at this module now, somehow overlooked it when you first posted it.)


The artist comes through again! The icons strike just the right balance between boring but clear and totally obscure but engaging. Love the module too BTW! I’m looking forward to seeing your approach to building a PLL. I never had much luck using a traditional PLL design. I might have to re-visit it now that I have a bit more experience under my belt.


For my comrades who use the PC version, here is a Garbler PLL without the colorful graphics or clamped knobs. Just a heads up that I really have no idea what will happen if modulations attached to the knobs go outside of 0 to 1, so please use your best judgement :slight_smile:

Garbler PLL PC version.audulus (61.9 KB)


Thank you! Don’t know how It would sound with clamped knobs, but this module is amazing!