Synth Nerd iPhone Case

I found this on Amazon for $20, and I thought some of you might also like to know about this dope little case for synth and sound design obsessed nerds like me. This is by no means an advertisement, but I am buying one and it’s a pretty neat little custom case that will stand out from all the Otterbox and generally boring cases that just look like every other iPhone case. I’m pretty excited that I found this thing, and will post a pic here when it arrives :slightly_smiling_face:


I picked mine up yesterday. Buying it was interesting, as I have seen plenty of static, pre-determined items options that can be selected on the page of the item listing, but the way this selection page works is different from those I have seen before:

Clicking ‘Purchase Options’ brings you to a page that says “please select options from the menu” where you select which type of phone you have, from the iPhone 8/8+ onward, including virtually every version of iPhone since (not sure why the description mentions Galaxy though, as no Android phones are displayed as an option :thinking:). Then you can choose from 3 different protective case materials for your phone: the listed one (molded, flexible TPU type of slip on case is the one that is shown in the picture in the main page), and two other more protective, clip/snap-on hard case options, costing like $5 and $8 more, iirc.

Overall, ~$20 for a dope synth circuit diagram case with a $5 shipping charge seems like a pretty good deal, considering the last I checked, the cheapest Otterbox style of case was like $40-50 for the most basic style. Additionally, I don’t personally like to hide the beauty of the Apple engineered design; I figure with the Apple Care+ coverage, I don’t need ballistic armor that appears ready to withstand bomb blasts, take several direct hits from 7.62 mm round ammunition, and survive in a war zone. Nothing in my life warrants that level of protection, so the minimal style synth circuit case will likely be fine for me :laughing:

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It took a few more days than I thought, but I got it the other day in the mail and only had time to finally open it today. I’m really excited that I found this case listing on Amazon. This thing looks SOOOOO dope, and fits my obsession with these little analog and digital electronic noise maker machines, perfectly. :blush:

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Looks great!

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