Sync midi transport to Audulus

I am using Audulus as an insert effect in AUM using the file player node. I have a 4 bar beat looping in AUM and I’m using Audulus to switch between different effects, but I want the switching to happen at defined times relative to the tempo in AUM. For instance, on the downbeat of each bar in my 4 bar loop.

What is the way to route the tempo/clock sync events in to Audulus so that they stay in time with one another?

My current setup is to use a clock source in Audulus that matches the tempo set in AUM and then use a push button manually in Audulus to trigger the clock in time with the tempo in AUM. in other words, a massive PITA.

Please someone tell me an easier way.

How about sending MIDI notes to Audulus every beat or eighth note (of whatever time value works best to continually re-sync/set your clock. You can use he time between the notes to calculate the clock rate.

Ooh yes I’m so silly I remember reading something along those lines in another thread!

Is it possible to capture only a specific note to act on, rather than any midi note?

You can use a trigger node trained to the note you wish to use. It will output 1 when the note-on is received and 0 when the note-off is received. Trigger nodes are not channel specific, so they will respond to note messages set on any MIDI channel.

Ok. Is there an example I can pull from somewhere?

You can have your Audulus patch look at the incoming MIDI note pitch and only act when the specific note that you want to use comes in. You can also specify what channel to listen to if you want to sent your “clock” pitches on a different channel from the other note data.

The MIDI node provides pitch as Hz, but there are modules to convert Hz to other references (like 1/oct)

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If all you need is a gate and you don’t care about the MIDI channel, just put a trigger into MIDI learn mode (long press on the trigger node) and send the MIDI note you wish to use. If you need something that is channel specific you can use this:
channel specific MIDI trigger.audulus (2.7 KB)
There’s also a polyphonic MIDI trigger with velocity support here: