Svg file iOS only



If I create a svg file will someone with the Mac version save it in a audulus file and send it to me? On iOS only.






Let’s see if this works! I know there are some limitations with the svg integration in the current version of Audulus. Thanks so much.


I like it!


Modern Yet Elegant!.audulus (11.3 KB)
I wasn’t sure if you intended it graphic to be so large in Audulus, so I imported it as a couple of different scales. Ironically you can’t scale SVGs in Audulus yet. The knob is for scale.


What size did I send you? The largest??!


yep. I thought maybe you were going to make each patch a module in a patch maybe.


Well, I certainly appreciate the scaling down. Thanks for doing that.

I guess I misunderstood how small the scale is of the node components.


Here’s some notes I made a while back: SVG Graphics for Audulus