Super 6

"…To me, that “finally” sound comes down to SSM re-emerging on the synth chip market as SSI. SSM filters in particular are what defined so many classic synths from the 80s, such as the Prophet~5, and that aspect is no doubt why the Super 6 sounds so bold and fresh. "

It’s interesting how those chips have created a flood of new synths using them. It would be like if humbucker pickups were suddenly available after a 20+ year and suddenly everybody was making guitars with humbucker pickups.

I love that synth though. It’s like a super version of the SH-101.

Nice sounding synth. I saw where Novation has also recently released a 16 voice unit based on the Peak. Interesting that both this and the Novation unit use a FPGA as wavetable oscillator with an analog filter section. BY running the FPGA at very high frequency (24 MHz in the Novation unit) you can essentially eliminate aliasing as an issue.

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The Summit also looks like an incredible synth. Honestly I am tempted by both of these.

I was very impressed by the Peak. Having what amounts to 2 of them side by side would make for powerhouse. The ability to run as 2 separate eight voice synths is clearly an edge over the Super 6 which, if I read things correctly, is basically mono-timbral.

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Monotimbral in the context of a set-up isn’t a big deal, but as a stand alone performance instrument the Summit is very impressive. I am curious to see if they give it crazy firmware like they have the bass station.

All in all, I’ve been pretty happy with my Ultranova. It’s got a nice keybed (although I wish the aftertouch was a bit less stiff), and a pretty good selection of VCOs, VCF’s, and effects etc. I wish it had a sequencer but its got a nice arpeggiator, 18 voices and plenty of preset slots. The sound is very nice. The menu system is a bit cumbersome, but the ability to assign the knobs and the software GUI compensate somewhat. The filters sound pretty good to me, even for a digital implementation. The Summit appears to have everything I like about the UltraNova and much more. I like that they’ve brought most of the controls out to the front panel. The Ultranova menu system is pretty good, but it’s hard to beat a real knob. The Summit looks like a lot of instrument for the money.

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