Stevo3985's Complete Bass Synth v2.0

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend :slight_smile:

Something made me think of my Complete Bass Synth module today, and I don’t recall what the catalyst was, but I started digging in and making changes, until I had improved the sound to a point where it really sounded much better to my ears, and I was more happy with it than I had previously been, when I called it done haha!

As I was finishing up, and adjusting tags and a few other things, I realized that I had completely changed the way that the oscillators are, from using reverb and a mix of two oscillators per effect node, to now using a delay instead, which mimics a technique Erica Synth uses for their Fusion VCO module, which uses a vacuum tube, and a BBD to achieve the sound of more oscillators in the module’s output.

I really like the sound of that module (in my Eurorack setup), so I set out to try and mimic it, which I feel like I did a decent job doing. That is what the Oscillator Crunch knob -->)osc(<-- on the front panel, just above the envelope of the filter graphic, controls as you turn it.

I also changed the sync settings of the 4 oscillators, where the first one is the leader, and the three following it, are locked in sync with that one (once again, not entirely sure if this is hard or soft sync, but it seems to sound better than the four of them being synced by an unrelated Phasor node).

Lastly, I changed the unrelated Phasor to control the shape shifting setting of each of the (now, instead of just two) four square wave oscillators, and then set up a dual stereo line that runs out of each pair of oscillators, and so there is a stereo signal going to the end, instead of a dual mono, that I simply duplicate at the end, like the previous iteration.

All in, I was going to call it v1.6, but based on how much I changed, it seems like a major revision of this module, so I am calling it “Complete Bass Synth v2.0”, and I hope anyone that downloads it will like it. I have attached the module and a demo whose settings I used to test my changes. I hope you will all like it! Let me know if you have any issues. Have a great weekend! :smiley:

stevo3985’s Complete Bass Synth v2.0.audulus (42.6 KB)

Complete Bass Synth v2.0 Demo.audulus (337.5 KB)


Interesting use of the reverb node to create the impression of more oscillators!

There are a few things I changed in my copy of the patch. The audio signal was really hot so I added a stereo to mono node before the output. I also scaled the resonance knob about 85% since full resonance resulted in a white wire of doom and I slapped a bipolar indicator on the detune knob, since the synth is only in tune when that knob is in the center posistion.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 4.43.03 PM

Here’s a little patch I made as well:
CBS Stuttering Service.audulus (612.5 KB)


Thanks @robertsyrett! I’m glad that you like it, and thanks for the pointers! As mentioned above, I will be making those changes to make v1.3 in the next day or two. In the meantime, I can’t wait to check out what you made and will be downloading it momentarily! :partying_face:


I’ll look forward to V1.3


@robertsyrett I also wanted to mention your patch, CBS Stuttering Service is so DOPE! Man that was a cool patch, and I feel really honored to have my work included in your project. Thanks for taking the time to make it and share it with me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Eeeeeh V1.3 is here!

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V1.3 certainly takes the rough edges off V1.1. Great sound, nicely chosen set of parameters with lots of flexibility and a good UI. What’s not to like?


It is now v1.4.1 in the thread. I fixed the sync function, as noted in my edit overhead. I just wanted to comment, as I noticed that adding the new version to this thread did not renew it in the forum. This is hopefully the final revision. :crossed_fingers:

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Level Boss.audulus (1.3 MB)


I started to listen to it and I was like “man, that bass sounds familiar!” And only then did I realize you had used my bass module in the track haha I was more than a little sleepy last night when I checked it out. Anyway, sounds great man! :blush:


I guess I have to add a new comment on the bottom to appear in the ‘new’ feed of the forum, rather than just add the edits I made. Anyway, I just completed and tested v1.5 and I think the added noise module gives it a little bit more potential. If anyone downloads it, lemme know what you think?

Edit: It is at the top of the page, where 1.4.x was previously

I posted Complete Bass Synth v2.0 above. I hope you all will like this version as much as the iterations I made of v1 :grinning: Have a great weekend, everyone!