Stereo Utilities

I thought We could use a thread where we share little utility modules that might be handy for stereo Routing. Here is one inspired by the Makenoise X-PAN that is quite useful for mixing in a few stereo elements to an existing stereo channel. It’s also fun for routing/blending CV.

Croddfade Pan.audulus (12.6 KB)


Sound like a good idea :slight_smile:
Here are the stereo utilities I have right now.
Stereo Utilities.audulus (40.8 KB)


Nice! I was missing a little mid/side processor!

I recently built these two modules that convert a left and a right signal into a mid and a side signal and back.
I think they belong here :smiley:
LR -> MS -> LR.audulus (6.6 KB)


The best place for completed modules is the modules category. In this case utilities I think. BTW nice work! A handy set of modules.


I‘m happy to know that these modules/utilities are also useful to people other than me :smile:

I thought it wouldn’t be worthwhile to open a new thread for these modules since they don’t have that much functionality.

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I think the thing to do is wait for a few more bits and pieces to come along and then bundle them on the Modules page, updating it when more useful modules come along. I do tend to think these utilities work better in concert with each other than being a la carte.

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