Spooky Tunes and Patches



With Halloween just around the corner, I was wondering if we could get a spooky thread going.

I really liked the stuff people made last year and thought we could give it another go.

Original Audulus patches and tracks made with Audulus are mostly what I’m thinking of but if something is so good you just have to share it, I’m all ears.


Alright, I’ve been working on this for a while now. Not exactly spooky, but I’ve set it to a minor key… OoOoO

This is a song that plays itself. My original version switched between two chords. This version determines the probability of the next chord based off of a “probability engine” that I tuned based off of my research on popular music. You can select the key and mode - major/minor, mixolydian, etc…

That feeds into an arpeggiator that reads the Hz from the chord generator that sorts the notes and plays them in ascending or descending order.

I made this module as a songwriting tool to help generate chord progressions that I haven’t thought about yet. It’s yielded some good results. Anyway, enjoy!

Full Moon II.audulus (883.4 KB)


Wow, that definitely has a John Carpenter Vibe! I love it. I am also adding Solar Transit and Launch Code to my personal library. 10/10 spooks!


Murdered Upon The Ring of Saturn.audulus (747.7 KB)
Murdered Upon The Ring of Saturn Lite CPU.audulus (709.2 KB)

Alright, here is my contribution. I might have been watching too many space movies because my inspiration was space madness. This is an abstract soundscape of space traveler driven by paranoia to insane acts. Are those insects invading the food supply or is it all in his imagination? Bwahahahahaha

I’ve uploaded two versions as I noticed that the resonant high-pass filter was roughly doubling the CPU load.



Love your chord and arpeggiator modules! Great tune :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! I hope you find those modules useful. Perhaps someone can help me condense the UIs to something more friendly.

I’ve downloaded yours, Robert. I’ll check it out this evening.