Slaving audulus

Finally taking the time to get acquainted with audulus after mainly using zmors with the es8 the past few months. Just curious as to why the input/output module for the es8 has only outputs? I would like to slave audulus with gates from Pamela’s new workout. I realize this is a super newbie question and I am sorry if this is already extensively covered or in the documentation. Thanks.


It’s just an oversight I need to make a patch update soon! :slight_smile: This module here will do you right though (the companion patches)

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Stellar! Up and running now. Thanks for the quick response.

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Resurrecting this old thread, because I’m trying to set Pam’s clock via an ES-9. I started by multiplying a 120 BPM clock by 24 and setting Pam to receive 24ppqn. That pegged Pam at 300bpm. When I reduced the multiplier to 8, I got 120bpm on Pam, but with substantial drift. Ever couple beats it would drop to 117 or 103, then back to 120 for a few. Here’s my setup:

Any ideas?

I was trying to get a good sync and was satisfied with these clocks for various purposes, including solving drift issues. Scroll up in the thread for some context.

If you prefer a more minimal clock, you could just delete what you don’t want. I find the reset output very useful for lining up Audulus, an ES-8, electron box, etc…

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Those are great! The external sync from Pamela’s to Audulus seems super solid. But going the other way still causes Pamela’s to drift all over. Is there any reliable way to send 24ppqn out of Audulus?

I had a look at the Pamala’s manual and it expects a rising edge signal of at least 700 millivolts for an external clock input. Since the ES-8 will output close to 10 volts when it receives a “1” input, the clock from Audulus via the ES-8 may be a bit much. You might try reducing the level of the clock. Also it is possible that the DC offset of the ES-8 output is a bit out. If the output voltage doesn’t drop to zero with a ”0” input then the clock input on Pamala’s might not register the pulse. You might want to check the output with a meter if you have one.

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Success! Cutting down the voltage going to Pam’s is what it took. Thanks so much for your help.

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geeze, 4 more inputs and 6 more outputs. Now we just need people to produce a proper iPad with a tank of a CPU. TBH I would actually prefer Audulus as VR, so I could incorporate physio…

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Actually the CPU of the current iPad Pro series is pretty robust. Unfortunately for us, much of the horsepower is dedicated to graphics processing and various background processes. If the audio thread were given higher priority, there would more than enough raw processing power for most things. Throttling back the display refresh rate helps some, but it would require some low level changes to iOS to really bump the audio stack. Not very likely, since in the overall scheme of things we’re a niche audience. Even so, it’s still the most capable tablet for music production by far. I recently purchased a new iPad Air (the home switch on my old Air 2 finally wore out). It has a little slower CPU but doesn’t have the high screen refresh rate of the Pro, so overall it’s pretty close for music apps and it still has a headphone jack. I’ve been pretty happy with it so far.