Show me your SVGs!


Let’s see your SVG library modules! I’m in much need of new SVGs for my modules if anybody would like to share :smiley:


All my stuff is custom and I don’t tend to reuse them. What sort of graphics are you looking for?


This was my collection as of March of last year. I haven’t done an update since because it’s pretty time consuming. The zip contains the individual SVG files and the .audulus doc has them all in one place, primarily for use on the iPad.
Audulus SVG graphics (264.3 KB)
STS SVG graphics 03-07-2018.audulus (364.5 KB)


Yeah, this is mostly for use with my iPad when I’m out and about. I randomly find myself looking for symbol designs that just aren’t included in the previous collections. For example, yesterday I was making a simple stereo mute button module and was trying to either the speaker graphic (was hoping for a red one instead of blue) with a cancel symbol through it, large red X, or slash through it. Simple enough and the solution I came up with works. I just need to stop being lazy get some made to then import from the computer. Here’s a screenshot of the simple solution I did instead for the mute button:


The blue speaker SVG obviously disappears though when the button is not engaged.


I came up with this visual solution to my Mickey Mouse looking mute instead:


I guess it looks more like a Minnie Mouse Mute? lol the speaker between the ears now makes it look like a bow.


Like Robert I tend to create them as needed. Since I now have a pretty good collection, I find that I’m not creating them nearly as often. Also I’m kind of avoiding them until the Windows version also supports them.


I have a feeling that is coming really soon.


Oh man! I forgot about this one! :smile:


I made that one for @biminiroad for his old demo rig, Supersaw!


Oh I threw that old gem into his new Supersaw module post as well :grin: