Sequencing/Arranging Entire Compositions (Songs/Sets/etc)


I am thinking how to use Audulus to create long compositions/sets. And I have 2 questions:

  1. Could you point me in the direction of how others have solved this problem?

  2. I would like to keep track of time using the gate signal/clock. In other words I would like to have a counter which keeps track of how many beats have elapsed (or any other measure that comes out of the master clock as a gate output) instead of time. So how can I make a counter that starts at 0 and basically counts the times the gate signal is 1 (until I reset it)?

I plan to use this counter by doing things like if counter value = 32, trigger a specific part of a patch.

Please keep in mind that I am not running Audulus inside a DAW, therefore I don’t think the timer from the DAW matters in my case.


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Check out the timer node.

I had a lot of fun making longer compositions using a module I called an “event envelope” that would wait for a particular time from the timer (in seconds) then fade in, stay high, then fade out.

I suppose this could be adapted to be timed to beats rather than seconds.

Here is a patch with the event envelope and a small bpm clock that outputs rate. It should be pretty straightforward to make a BAR:BEAT: ??? type of HUD that resets when you stop the clock.

event envelope and small bpm clock.audulus (23.3 KB)

You”lol find a whole collection of various counters here

Awesome! @stschoen has the counters and @robertsyrett has the logic example! With those 2 I can start cooking… I will post here if I have more questions on this part. Thank you both!!

One question: Where could I find a super long sequencer UI that I can adapt easily?

My intention is:
Once I have the counter going I would like to see the steps in a sequencer UI (ex. 16 steps or 32 steps or 64 steps). Ideally I could easily connect a sequencer step (which corresponds to a number in my counter) directly to a part of my patch: ex. connect step #15 from my sequencer (output) directly to the on/off switch of an oscillator module (input).

Thank you!

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Here’s a family of modules designed for long pieces that you might find useful. The modules are designed to run from a central clock and allow various events to be triggered at specific clock counts. It includes two chain-able sequencers and various logic elements to control signal flow. This is the reface version which has not been thoroughly debugged, but since it was just a UI update, I think it should be good. Instructions are in the file.
One shot sequencer Collection Reface V1.audulus (475.5 KB)
I’ve also included a demo of the older version. You need to press the start button at the left next tot he clock to start the patch.
One-shot Sequencer 2.0 demo iPad.audulus (2.6 MB)

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Thank you!! I will play with them and post here when I have questions. :slight_smile: