Starting another thread here. Trust me, I get back to them.

Mastering/mixing is an issue I have. I like to think that this track is the best I have done by myself.

The thing is, I did about 40 passes. That’s way too much. Even just having all of your tracks on Soundcloud at the same level so that if someone starts listening to one of them and walks away (or has headphones on), they don’t get blasted out when another track follows is a very basic, but real concern.

The intent of this thread is to get a conversation going. There are sites that have mastering algorithms, there are sites that give you access to real studio analog gear to pass your work through, and there are some really well put together software plugins that work well and are somewhat free. (I used the Tokyo Dawn Labs plugins for the track above and I am so impressed with what you can do with the free editions. There are also some really well put together videos that describe every detail of the software in such beautiful detail that it motivates you to get into it).

Audulus is actually a very unique situation because you end up spending hours upon hours tinkering in such fine detail with the oscillators that it is hard to know how the best way to handle this is. There are EQ considerations (practically cutting out disruptive low end and jarring highs [I have these issues all over my stuff]), but then there are also concerns about how it sounds on your iPad with your headphones vs. your girlfriend’s friend’s car stereo.

So this is the beginning. But I think I have at least shared some of the territory and, while I will add more detail, I would really appreciate any scope of discussion from others on this topic.

I’ve been very impressed with izotope’s Ozone. I got a good deal on Ozone 8 Elements which is their entry level edition., and it made a huge difference in the quality of my mixes. Ozone 9 is the current version. Not free but does a nice job.

Okay. Here’s the current spread:

Backing into elements 8, I saw this on ebay:

The pricing comparisons are a bit daunting. It seems like I need to spend some time roving the site. Lots of videos and information. Lots to learn here.

One consideration is that I also like the idea of iOS. I like the pricing of the iOS world. I have a bunch of great synth effect apps and whatnot and I like the speed when I stay in that environment using Audulus and AUM.

I actually forgot to mention the inspiration for the thread in the first place – Sound Gym. Any thoughts on that cool idea?

Multiplier does a nice intro:

I like how there is a community where you can post your mixes and get tips from people:

  • quick update. I just dove in and its fun and humbling already. I recommend just going for it. It’s free and the sign up is painless.

I like this turn in the sense that, one the one hand, I was considering a software solution. But since this is about educating myself on all of the different important aspects of mixing and mastering, while improving my ear, I think this is something a lot of Audulus users could benefit from. Why? Because in Audulus we are working from scratch, so dealing with the sounds at the root by understanding the goal seems like a great approach.

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Watched this one a while back. Very useful!

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