Sample Rate vs Oscillators


I would like the pitch of the oscillators to be accurate for any sample rate. Currently phasor-based oscillators sound detuned when playing the same note as osc node-based oscillators if your sample rate is 48K.


At this point Audulus only really works properly at 44.1. I’m hoping that A4 will support multiple sample rates.


It will! We’ve talked about supersampling too, so you could do a portion of your design in 192k and scale back down to whatever.


For the uninitiated: doing this in oscillators is great because you avoid aliasing effects and can basically make whatever wacky oscillator you want and completely filter out any aliasing artifacts.


Looking forward to that!
At some point there was talk of going even higher than 192… (4Mz?)


Possibly? Yes this would be useful for FMing and whatnot.