Random Bell Chords

I used this patch as the opening and closing sections of Hell’s Bells. I cleaned it up and labeled it to make it easier to follow the logic. For me it’s sometimes difficult to figure out just how a patch works. It uses a random clock and Neo-Riemannian transform to generate a series of chords. The bell modules sound each chord. A complex oscillator provides a drone for the root of the chord and a third FSK oscillator alternates between the fifth and third of the chord. A chain of long period envelopes controls the sections of the patch.
random bell chords.audulus (1.8 MB)


Very nice sounding patch, layout, and explanation of how the patch works.

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Thanks, I tried to label everything clearly. I find that even my own patches are sometimes confusing if I haven’t looked at them in a while. I thought it might help to have an explanation.