Quick Quantizer

Quick Quantizer

This is a collaborative module between me @biminiroad and @stschoen. @stschoen created the quantizer guts and I just arranged the UI with some helpful indicators.

With this quantizer, you can dial in 6 different scale types:

  1. C - chromatic
  2. M - major
  3. m - natural minor
  4. h - harmonic minor
  5. p - pentatonic minor
  6. P - pentatonic major

You can also dial in the root note. To save some CPU, there is only a sharp indicator, so, for example, if you want Bb minor, dial in A# minor.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.1 Quick Quantizer v2.audulus (27.0 KB) 12/10/18 Fixed an error in the original patch - if you downloaded v1.0 then download this one!
1.0 12/8/18 Initial upload

QQ w: gate out.audulus (37.3 KB)
Nice! It just occurred to me that all(?) audulus sequencers are missing a fun feature that I love on the Disting quantisers: a gate out that outputs a pulse whenever the quantizer changes notes. Fun with complexs lfos/envelopes + LPGs etc. So I just threw a Change detector in there.


This is great! It probably needs to be updated with the new version I just posted since I kinda screwed up what @stschoen was doing internally. If you re-upload it with the fix, I’ll put it up on the original post so people see it first! :slight_smile:

So the QQ w: gate out.audulus file above contains the v2 fix?

Looks like the post by @viilis used the version with the bug. It would be an easy update. Just add the change detector to the V2 quantizer output.

Sorry, I meant to post it before, but never got around to it.

The gate out works but is a bit glitchy when used with lfos etc. - you get nasty sounding “slurred” notes and gates at the vertical part of a sawtooth LFO, for example, or if you change the scale or root while an LFO is going into the input.

I tried to get around that by using a S&H module before the quantizer outputs. Oftentimes something like 25 hz does give good results, but with faster CVs at the input you start to hear the S&H frequency too much, plus it totally throws the timing off when playing a keyboard through the quantizer.

I was going to look around for something that I could use to set a minimum interval between triggers, or just ask about this on the forum. I just haven’t had the time to do it with the holidays in full swing. Any ideas?

Bug Report:

v1.1 has the root scaled from 0-12, which is 13 tones, causing the display to malfunction and the quantizer to wrap back around to C.

Suggested fix:

Adjust scaling expression to cover the range between 0-11


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Thank you! Will do :slight_smile: