Quick Quantizer Keyboard Version

@stschoen or others maybe you can help - I’d love to make a version of the Quick Quantizer that works where all notes in the quantized scale are laid out on the white keys of my MIDI controller. I could then use the black keys as basically extra buttons, while making it easy to always play in scale.

Ideally, if it’s pentatonic, the scale would just run up keys 1-4, then repeat next octave, instead of having some “dead” keys that play the same note.

Any thoughts on how to do this?

That really shouldn’t be too tricky. We just need to map the chosen scale to a C major scale. I’ll see what I can come up with.

Let me know when you get that going! I’d love to use this.

I think this should be about right:
removed for bug fix
It’s not really a quantizer since it’s designed for keyboard input… The major and minor scales are mapped to the white notes on the keyboard and the pentatonic scales are mapped to C, D, E, F and G. In order to allow the unused keys to be re-purposed, the gate and “o” inputs both pass through the module. Like the keyboard node, the note output is latched until the next note. The gate is passed through for valid keys and blocked for the others so trigger nodes or another keyboard node can be used with the unused keys. The chromatic scale is as usual, the major and minor scales are mapped to the white notes on the keyboard, and the pentatonic scales are mapped to C, D, E,F, and G. The root knob now serves as a transposition control so that all keys can be played starting at the C key.
12/12/2018 found a bug will repost when I squash it


This works perfectly! I will actually fold this into a keyboard module since i discovered if you have slew on, it won’t translate through the quantizer (of course).

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I hadn’t really thought about the slew problem. Obviously you’d have to move the slew downstream from the filter. Since it’s really designed specifically for the keyboard, it would make sense to bundle it into the keyboard module.

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It occurs to me that a fine tune on the transpose with a semitone range would allow you to tune to an external piece of gear


Found a significant bug will repost when fixed

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I wasn’t properly masking the unused notes and the output wasn’t correct when played legato.
Fixed (I hope) here: White Keys Keyboard Filter And Transposition MIDI Input Module

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Awesome thanks @stschoen!

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