Questions about iOS vs Computer Version

Question,thinking about buying the iOS version for iPad Pro.Anybody care to give me some feedback.Any major differences vs.desktop?Any feedback is appreciated.thx aj

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The only real differences between Mac OS and iOS versions is the interface. The underlying program itself runs the same. You can also potentially run larger patches on a computer because most computers are more powerful than iOS devices. However, unless you’re running really high polyphony analog-modelling patches with lots of effects, you likely won’t have a problem on iOS.

Some editing capabilities are a little faster since you have copy/paste/cut on computer on keyboard, but you also have a more fun and immediate experience with turning knobs on iOS. If you had to get only one, I’d suggest computer, but if you want to have the option to be more mobile, or you want to use it on both your iPhone and iPad since it’s available for both with one license, I’d say go iOS.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

As @biminiroad says, the major difference between the macOS and iOS versions is related to touch screen vs. keyboard/mouse. I have both versions and tend to use the macOS version for building patches, since I find it easier to edit on the Mac. I have an Air2 and also find that I can run much more complex patches on my iMac. That being said, I often build a patch on the Mac so I can run it on the iPad. At this point the Windows version is lagging behind the others from a feature perspective, so if it’s iPad vs. Windows, I would definitely opt for the iPad version.


While it’s true that it can be quicker to create and edit patches with the Mac version, I’m a great fan of using Audulus on the iPad. (And when it comes to editing on the iPad I find the Apple pencil a great help.)

The directness of the touch screen interface and the fact that it’s so easy to interact with the modules one uses/creates without the intermediary of a controller makes it a pleasure to use.

For me this also sets it apart from PD and Max even though those programs are wider in scope. (Somehow Audulus’s narrower scope but greater ease of use and direct availability on iOS has really hit a sweet spot for me.)

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This is true, especially with lots of quick wiring!

I may be a little late to this party, but I wanted to give my thoughts:
As a new user and newcomer to the community of modular synth, I would say that if you are NOT already familiar with the concepts of both Audulus and the world of intermediate-advanced synth to a point where you won’t need any tutorial videos to get started, go with Mac if you have the option as a lot of the tutorials move a little more quickly than I found that I was able to interact on my iPad UI without missing an important detail. I was trying to follow along on my iPad Pro 10.5 during a couple of @biminiroad’s and also @robertsyrett’s very informative and helpful, but also moderately paced tutorials, I found that I had to keep pausing the video to follow the instructions because of the ever so slight intricacies that are just different enough to make a difference that it is easy to get lost if you’re a beginner like me as the menus of nodes and patches are slightly different in the way they are organized, and also, as @biminiroad pointed out above, the mouse clicks and the keyboard shortcuts make it a little faster to interact on the Mac. So I started with iOS and intend to do a lot more building and traveling with my iPad in the future as it is less cumbersome than a MacBook Pro or lmao god forbid trying to lug around a giant iMac ha! but I also bought the Mac version 3 days later and will be doing most of my learning on that until I get better and really know what I am doing though, I have found that it is much much easier to follow the tutorials in a timely fashion that more closely resembles the runtime of the videos on a desktop than to try with an iPad and easily turn your 1 hour youtube stream into a ~2 hour endeavor to build something others would chuckle at the simplicity as more experienced users. So my advice, get both; it is worth it for the simple fact that your workflow can start on one machine and end on another. if you’re on a higher level than what I described and you only wish to get one, then iPad because of the overall experience being largely the same and a bit easier to go portable. Either way you go, you will not regret the purchase as it is an unbelievable amount of fun to build your own instruments that other apps don’t have. Best of luck in your decision and have fun with whatever you end up!! :smile:


i try to understand why the mac version has not the nice circles-interface. just this ugly grey system menue structure. i have seen videos with the wonderful audulus interface selecting a new mode.

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What you’re seeing is the old context menu for iOS that was left behind in version 2. The right click menu might be a little ugly but once you get to know it, it’s many MANY times faster to use than the context menu would be. The old menu also didn’t support having the number of modules we do now :slight_smile:

GOT it !
…just because the rest is so wonderful and extreme good looking.

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