Question arpeggiator ADSR to VCO

Greetings! New to Audulus but not to DAW’s in general. Overwhelming dephts here! I can’t seem to figure out how to connect a adsr to a cvo which is triggered by an arpeggiator. Would someone explain this to me? Feel happy to be like a kid again ! Thanks!

The ADSR node generates an envelope in response to a gate signal. Assuming you want to control the signal volume with the ADSR you would feed the gate from the arpeggiator into the ADSR node then use the output to modulate the output from the VCO. Since the ADSR node produces an envelope with values between 0 and 1, you can simply multiply the output of the VCO by the output of the ADSR to control the signal level.

Thanks! Wil give that a try!

Sorry to have converted into a noob. But how does one feed the gate of the arpeggiator into the ADSR? Appologies. But I cannot seem to figure it out.

What kind of arpeggiator are you using? It would help if you posted the patch you’re working on. Also are you running Audulus 3 or 4 and are you on a Mac or iPad?

Thanks for fast reply. Ipad pro. Audulus3 i’ll try to post a screenshot soon.

And I would like an ADSR to controle the release or attack of the VCO the output…hope i’m in the right minded lane!

You’re on the right track. In this case the clock from the clock module is stepping the sequencer. The output from the sequencer is fed to the VCO. At the same time, the clock signal is fed to the ADSR module. Each time the clock goes high it generates an envelope. You can change the length of the sustain phase by changing the width of the clock pulse. The output of the VCO is multiplied by the envelope to control the output level.
You might find it useful to insert a quantizer module in between the sequencer and the VCO to force the sequencer values to a scale.
BTW, welcome to the forum! Glad to have you with us. Feel free to post any questions you might have. There are some excellent tutorials in the Learn category.

Thank you so much. I’ll dive in to that! And thanks for your nice welcome on the forum. There is a lot to explore indeed.

Works just fine! Thanks. I noticed the clock also has an input. What can be routed into it? I’ll try around myself of course. Cheers!

The upper input resyncs the clock and the lower one near the button toggles the clock on and off.


Most library modules have a detailed description inside the module. If you select the clock module and then open you will see the internal components of the module as well as the description of how it works. the icon in the upper left of the window will take you back out one layer.

There are two types of elements in Audulus. Nodes are the fundamental building blocks of an Audulus patch. Nodes cannot be opened, although some have properties that can be changed. Modules are groups of nodes. The clock, oscillator and ADSR in your patch are modules that are included in the module library supplied with Audulus. Modules can contain nodes and other modules.

Nice explanation! This helps.