Quad Saw VCO



Quad Saw VCO

Nothing fancy - just a good meaty saw oscillator. It’s actually a pair of saws with a saw and square sub-oscillator. There are drift modules on each oscillator so they drift in and out of tune. Stereo output


Input Signal Range Notes
o 1 per octave
sync gate hard sync on the oscillators
amp 0 - 1 amplitude - note that the output may exceed -1 to 1 under certain conditions

Output Signal Range Notes
l audio left
r audio right


Control Function Notes
00%20PM detune drift amount and rate
shp shape control changes the wave shape of the saws and the pulse width of the square sub
01%20PM drive Araya-Suyama tube distortion courtesy of @biminiroad
fine fine tune

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
quad saw osc V1.0.audulus (537.0 KB) 05/04/2019 initial upload

As per usual, I am impressed :slight_smile: Thanks, this is something I have been toying with, myself, lately! I will continue my own development, but this gives me something to jump off of, and provides me a better idea of the direction to drive, where as before, I was sorta stumbling around in the dark, hoping to hit the right switch to make mine what I wanted it to be haha

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How are things with your AudioKit project going?

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I’ve been very impressed with AudioKit. I don’t have anything specific in mind at the moment, but it would certainly be a lot easier to develop an app musing the framework rather than using CoreAudio. I particularly like the fact that it’s all Swift code rather than a mix of C and objective C. I got an interesting email from them today with interviews with several iOS developers that are using AudioKit. It really ought to be an Apple framework, but they seem to have largely abandoned the audio side of things.

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Meaty Sawscillator!