Problems with autosave, Ipad pro 12,9 first gen (A1584), ios 11.2.6 (15D100)

I started not so long ago with Audulus, but Im not a begginer in modular, and I simply tired of crashes and poorly saved patches. I thought it is icloud sync problem and started to save directly to ipad, didnt help. If I make a patch that I really like, I mean really, deep, evolving, interesting patch - 100% it will crash and/or will be saved as at the begining state. I want to like Audulus, guys…

Can you upload a patch that crashes your ipad?

I wish I could! No one patch that crashed my ipad was saved correctly, that what the problem is. 10 to 25 minutes of patching saves and about an hour of work is lost every time.

I use audulus about a week, no success with using audulus at all.

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I meant would you upload a patch to this forum :upside_down_face:

Really sorry about this Konkrete!

Can you upload a patch that was crashes and lost your work? Sometimes it can be recovered and sometimes we can do a forensic look at it and see what went wrong. The more examples you upload the better!

Ok, no problem, what should I do exactly? It will be my first time uploading patch to the forum :slight_smile:

Search here didn`t help.

Look for this icon 17%20PM and you should be able to upload any audulus patch smaller than 3 mb.

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Poly clock bulean.audulus (586.3 KB)

Simple karp 001.audulus (427.6 KB)

These two for example, as I said, saved at the very beginning :frowning:

So what can you say about it?

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These look like they have your data saved and might be recoverable - I’ll talk to Taylor about it today. No promises, but if the patches were truly blank, they wouldn’t be so big.

Thank you! My point is to help with bug recognition to improve audulus`s stability, no need in patch recovery. Did I help?

I want working program:grinning:

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I have been having the same problem for years. I first used Audulus on IPad 2 but now I am on iPad Pro and the problem is still here. One time over two, the project isn’t saved to its current state by exiting it.

My workaround has been to select the whole patch and click “Copy” before exiting the project. Then I exit, and open the project back to check if the patch has been saved. If not, I paste the version I just copied, and start over: Quit the project, open it, and check. At some point it will eventually save it.

I got used to it but it is true that it would be nice to have it fixed.

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Just checking but you have updated Audulus recently correct? The current released version is 3.5.3. The problem you’re experiencing is one we had a while ago, but have since fixed.

So just to confirm: your iOS version is current? And when was the last time you restarted your iPad? Sometimes just doing that (total shutoff, power on - not a factory reset) can do wonders.

If you’re saving to iCloud, there might be a bug with Files that has since been fixed on Apple’s end with a new iOS version.

If you’re experiencing this problem saving to iCloud, but are on current iOS and Audulus version, try changing it so that it saves to local storage:

If you’re already saving to local storage, switch and see if it works better on iCloud.

If this were happening to you so frequently and it truly was something inside the Audulus code that was happening, we’d expect it to be happening to more people. I haven’t gotten a report of patches disappearing like this in a while since we fixed it in an update months ago. So that’s why it’s such a head scratcher.

Don’t worry though we will get this fixed!

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I am updating my OS right now. But I bought this iPad a month ago so I assume it was already a recent update. Also I redownloaded Audulus from the AppStore less than a month ago so it was up to date.

The autosave is set to iCloud. I will try changing it to local space and see if that fixes it.

Thanks for the fast answer btw !

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Do you know if your internet connection where you are is strong? It’s a reach but maybe it has something to do with a spotty connection?

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I did change the access to local space in the settings, and I copied a project that was on iCloud and paste it on my iPad. Then I worked for some time on it and I had the same problem, but it’s been twice now that my workaround didn’t work because Audulus crashed when opening back the project (the other time was on another project).

This time it may be because I re-opened the project to soon, before Audulus had the time to save it. The next time I will wait a bit before reopening the project.

If the problem remains now that I save on my IPad, I don’t think that my internet connexion is the cause of the problem.

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