Premonitions.audulus (1.2 MB)


digging this patch, but its in mono for the most part, which diminishes the experience a bit.

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I’ve had hardware issues for months, which demotivated me. I decided to get creative anyhow, working with just an iPad mini 4. The cpu limit is a real drag. My levels are a bit off too.

I decided a while ago to treat it more like knitting and less like performing, just enjoying the practice.

I need the push though. Blaming the cpu is a poor excuse, instead of economizing the logic. Crawl then walk again.


Sorry to hear you’re having hardware challenges. It’s a bummer when your stuff doesn’t work the way it should. I’ve had problems with my iMac for the last couple of weeks but I think I finally got them sorted out. Glad I didn’t have to send it off for repairs.