Post 'Ye Music Made With Audulus


Whipped up a new kick and hi-hat patch:

  • It’s pretty basic. Still working on it.


  • tuning kick and hats
  • working on recording methods
  • level up


Very nice, how did you make the pulsing square?


I played through that with commentary. Then went on Wikipedia. Then used vector graphic software. And then used LumaFushion to edit the frames.



The bottom DOT video is how I remember it looking, it’s weird to see it so smooth and unpixelated.

Also I was watching the speedrun of it earlier today, cosmic consciousness!




The song you’re hearing right now was made with a combination of Audulus and Eurorack modules. A random pattern sequencer in Audulus is creating an acid bassline with a Doepfer VCO, which is going through an STG soundlabs .Mix module, an Electrosmith 2144 lowpass filter, and a XAOC Devices Tallin VCA. The drums are created with no overdubbing by controlling the six primary modulation, pitch, and trigger inputs of the Mutable Instruments Plaits using a bespoke Audulus sequencer. The pad is created using a Roland 512 oscillator through an Erica Synths Fusion Tube Mixer and into a Roland 505 lowpass filter, which is enveloped and randomly FM’d by Audulus, and sent in Audulus to stereo analog-modelling delays with randomly changing delay times. Finally, the lead is an Audulus-only synth controlled by a MIDI keyboard and mixed in with the analog synths and drum machine.

Here’s the patch - it’s a mess cause it includes some in process modules.

Harmonic Minor Acid Jam.audulus (876.5 KB)

Featured on this episode of Podular Modcast:


The song you’re hearing right now was made with a combination of Audulus and Eurorack modules. A supersaw chord pattern generated in Audulus with a matrix sequencer is being sent through an Bubblesound Modular DiOD filter, while another pattern from the same sequencer drives a Doepfer A111-3 VCO, and envelopes its Roland 505 filter. Audulus is also sequencing the TipTop Audio BD909 and CP909, and mixes everything together with fader automation.

Featured on these episodes:


The song you’re hearing right now was made with a combination of Audulus and Eurorack modules. A matrix sequencer is driving an additive VCO in Audulus that is based on the Chebyshev Polynomials. Also, a custom-made Audulus drum sequencer triggers a Mutable Instruments Plaits, sequencing pitch and model choice simultaneously. Finally, a lead synth created by a soft synced Roland 512 VCO, Erica Synths Fusion Tube Mixer, and Roland 505 VCF is also sequenced and enveloped by the same matrix sequencer.

Featured on this episode:


Plaits can really do some nice percussion!


Yeah I honestly like it more than my “real” drum modules - Plaits is less noisy and sounds just as good and have more control over its sound.


That’s basically why I sold my Akai Tomcat. Those old x0x circuits sound great, but only in their lane of tones and after you have EQ’d and compressed them (which takes some set up in the modular).


These tracks sound awesome! Plaits Mates is def my favorite.


@robertsyrett cake dayyyyy ain’t no lie


A mix of Audulus, UltraNova and Ableton:


Properly-bell like for the holidays :slight_smile:


My wife made the same comment. Guess it was subconscious :cowboy_hat_face:


Found one of my really early Audulus tunes made in Audulus 2 - did this animation in Toonboom I believe by just spinning and translating a transparent oval.


You have a copy of Toonboom Harmony?


Nah it was on my old computer and was an early version like 3 or 4 or something.