Percussion framework/collection

Percussion framework/collection

Audulus is great for drum synthesis! I’ve been using Audulus for this since I got it and I built or edited some modules for drum synthesis that I now want to share with you.
I polished and documented them, so I can upload them here as a drum synthesis framework/collection.
(Personally I like to use splines for envelopes whenever I can but the framework/collection also includes a drum-envelope if you prefer that.)

Here a list of the modules included in this framework:

  • Envelopes
    – Spline envelope
    – Drum envelope
  • Oscillators
    – Drum oscillator
    – Tunable dum oscillator
    – FM drum oscillator
    – Tunable FM dum oscillator
    – Noise
    – PM percussion noise
    – Click
  • Effects
    – Rude 1 pole low pass filter
    – Spline distortion
    – Slow down
    – EQs (just edited standard biquad EQs and filters)
  • Tools/Utilities
    – 1/octave Tool
    – CV Utilities
    – Smal utilities

Here a patch with all modules
percussion synthesis framework.audulus (574.5 KB)

Since these are to many modules to document in here, i put the documentation in this patch:
Percussion framework documentation.audulus (1.1 MB)

Patch collection:

I also what to share some percussion patches I made with this framework.

I like to do drum synthesizing in a subpatch without any exposed controls. I’ll just do all adjustments directly in the subpatch. But that’s just my personal preference and probably not what everyone wants to do, so I’ll upload two versions of the patches (most of the time). One without any controls broken out, but with some comments inside and one with some controls broken out.

Here the patch collection:
percussion framework patch collection .audulus (2.3 MB)
(This patch collection will be updated with more patches)


Stoked! :mask:


I’m looking forward to checking this out.


There are some updates for the Patch collection:

Uploading all patches individually probably wasn‘t the best idea. I wouldn‘t want to download so manny patches to find out if I like something or not. So I putt all patches into one.

I also made something new. I tried to make something close to the kick in the linn drum.
It‘s not 100% there but I still like the result so here it is :slight_smile:
linnish kick.audulus (475.6 KB)
I also added it to this to the Patch collection.


I like the vertical lettering on the drum oscillators, the interfaces as a whole look really nice.


Thanks! :smiley:
I tried to make them as compact as possible while still being intuitive.
The svgs @stschoen shared here did help a lot with that.

Also thank you @futureaztec and @stschoen for speaking so highly about the patches you’ve used.

It took a while until I got myself to clean up and document all these modules. So it is great to see that some of this stuff is useful to you and that it was worth putting in the work :slight_smile:


@J031 Great job with this collection of modules! Everything looks great, and I can tell a lot of work went into your final product :blush:


Thanks :blush:

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Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to digging into some of these.

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4am.audulus (1.3 MB)

Minor adjustments to patch…
4am (Final).audulus (1.3 MB)

Very interesting to see how you use the basic oscillator tools to make the specific modules. Obviously toms and hand drums could be found. It almost bridges a gap between programming and sound design. I like the idea of making some unique drum sounds from your oscillator tools and then sampling it into the digitakt.


Nice patch :+1:
I honestly just realized that you used modules from the framework for all the elements in this :smile:

looking forward to seeing what you come up with :slight_smile:

(sorry for late response)

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