Patches vanishing

I have a strange problem:

I got an patch over Google Drive, copied that to my own Google Drive and from there, used “Open In” on my iPad to open the patch in Audulus.

Doing so showed me the name and allowed me to rename it.

Touching it, it got opened by Audulus and I could modify the patch.

But then, later trying to open it again, it is simply gone!

Nothing left in the “Recent” tan, nothing in the Audulus Folder, nowhere.

Am I’m doing something wrong?
Or is this a bug?

Going to add some screenshots

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At one moment it is there, but re-opening Audulus, it is totally gone!

Neither the original name “Copy of Sine Sweep” or the renamed version exist anymore!

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It’s a result of the somewhat peculiar way iOS handles “open with”. When you download the file from your Google drive it’s written to temporary storage on the iPad. When you open it in Audulus the temporary file is passed to Audulus. While Audulus is open the file will be visible in Recents but when you close Audulus the temporary file will be deleted. You need to do a long press on the file icon in recents and move it to the Audulus folder.


Many thanks for the explanation.
Apple is really totally crazy, as it seems.
They will not even know or understand this problem.

But then, I never noticed such a problem with other Apps!
I will try some, if time permits.