Patch doodle with wave replacement synthesis

Patch notes:

Wave Replacement synth
The first osc is always synced, the second osc detunes over 3 octaves with flat spots when in tune and auto syncs (lights animates). Both osc have adjutable sync phase. “Window size” is adjustable and auto widens if osc2 detunes below osc1.

Also tetrachord quantizer, Amen break sequencer and few other bits.

AC Wavesrepsyn.audulus (753.4 KB)


You’ve got a lot of interesting modules integrated together in this patch. Great work.


Audulus is my goto doodle pad… I’ve got a question regarding sample rate in the synth. There’s a 3rd oscillator inside, used to variably adjust the sync of the other 2 oscillators and to create and vary the window. The osc sounds better than using a phasor for this, but is this working at sample rate, because expressions are used after the oscillator and the frequency of the window does seem to dominate?

Relevant parts highlighted.

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Depends on what you mean. Since there’s no unit delay involved, the output of the highlighted circuit is calculated a buffer at a time, but the result of the expression nodes is evaluated for each sample in the buffer so in that sense it’s running at the sample rate. In this case there would be no advantage to using a unit delay since the output would remain the same but the CPU usage would increase.

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Thanks for that, there’s gaps in my knowledge, wasn’t sure about when you needed to force sample rate, but only when a delay is involved so that settles that, thanks.

Patch update, thanks to dcLargo, I put the sample rate xfade knob in, left fully adjustable. After getting rid of the artifacts, I noticed a flat spot mixing the 2 oscillators together, so I used an equal power xfade to blend better.

Patch notes:

Improved LFO

Gate select module with s&h on pulse, gate & hi: - On the high, s&h is always activate for the first high, turning on s&h puts out s&h gates on following highs.

Amen break scanner:

When adjusting cycle length, odd numbers create “counterpoint” in the rhythm and even numbers give a straight beat.

The modular scanner is an experimental thing based on how the Amen break scanner works but on 0 to 1 “m” scale.

The scanner manipulates a signal in sections determined by the cycle length. The cycle is moved along with the shift keeping the cycle phase and reverse point fixed where ever you shift to.

AC Doodle.audulus (753.7 KB)

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A version without the equal power thing. Not sure if I was conflating methods, probably, but listening to it again, there was no dead spot, so this is how it should be, I’m sure.

It’s been satisfying to try it again with the sample rate xfade, so much smoother :sunglasses:

AC Wavesrepsyn.audulus (768.2 KB)

One more with improved modulation bits and fixed gate switch for amen break generator.

AC Wavesrepsyn.audulus (780.0 KB)

Panning algorithms are very dependent on the amount of coherence between the two channels. Depending on how in or out of phase the two signals are, different curves will give an “even” response. I typically use the sin()/cos() approach as a good approximation or just a straight linear crossfade.
I thought you might get a kick (pun intended) out of this. I put it together ages ago in response to a challenge from @biminiroad: Amen Break.audulus (1.4 MB) The splash cymbal could use some work but the rhythm is there.


Ah, there was something to it after all, thanks for that. since I’ve got the sample rate xfade in there to contemplate, I’ve added a “blend mode” as well to A/B that too and it fills the gap.
Great patch, and thanks for the hint, I remember now, days ago, plugging the snare line into the bass drum and liking it. Got to laugh, I’ve put it back now the right way round now. Well, it’s more mellow now, nice change, a subtler patch.

AC Wavesrepsyn.audulus (828.6 KB)

re-uploaded, slight adjustment.

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All of a sudden, I’m liking even numbered cycles. Liking this more.

AC Wavesrepsyn.audulus (780.8 KB)

This is also the definitive patch because I left some cpu intensive debri in the last one,

Re-uploaded 4th June: Phase * Frequency knobs on sine manglers were wrong way around.
Again, 4th June, fixed error in blend expression that was in this last patch.
…6th June: Added “Algo” mode on the Amen seq modulater to select alternative algorithm, after spending more time with it.


Updated synth with the smooth sample rate xfade. Put together a 1 algo CZ synth, different amen algo and taps on the drum gates to thin them out, The tune is free flowing chaos.

WPS patch2.audulus (783.6 KB)

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