Overhead Vibes: The Turing Test


I tried to make a video tutorial of using the Turing Machine with the Octatrack to make a Jam for Jamuary, but I just ended up recording me and my friend screwing around. Please enjoy the first and perhaps only installation of Overhead Vibes.


Was excited to see a new video by you featuring modular when I woke up today and even more excited about the content. Watching now! :+1:


“A vactrol consists of two components incorporated into one package: a light-emitting diode (LED), and a photoresistor (a resistor whose resistance drops when it is exposed to light). Applying a voltage to the LED causes current to pass through it and light to be emitted, which falls on the photoresistor.”

A vactrol is just a good way to control the smooth change in value. The main reason I think they are used for various applications in synths is their non-linear curve responses. Different vactrols are used for different curves, etc.


Some ignorance may have been feigned in the service of humor, but for anyone wondering @RileyGuy is completely accurate in how vactrols are used :slight_smile:


Enjoyed this. Fun with the graphics. I’d definitely be up for more.


Thanks! The visual fx are probably the most labor-intensive part but the most fun.


Loved the jam, the spiel, and the pics! :cowboy_hat_face:Nice work.


I definitely couldn’t have made the video without the uTuring to illustrate the principle.