Old Audulus Forum Patch Collection Now Available for Download!


Click the link above to download over 1,800 Audulus patches at once!

It took over 12 hours of searching, downloading, clearing histories, and resaving to get all of these patches down from a raw 2.2gigs to less than 700mb unzipped.

It was a lot of work, but I already know that it was worth it. In going through all these files, I saw so many old gems and things that should be revisited for new modules, or simply reposted here in the Modules category.

Download it and then call out your favorites below in this topic (the Forum collection topic is locked to prevent comments from piling up).


Thanks for all the hard work. Its definitely appreciated! :cowboy_hat_face::clap:


Wow - Huge thanks for this! I looked back at my previous downloads of these compilations. The oldest I have is from April 2016 - 6mb zipped, 80mb unzipped, just over 100 items. The most recent is from Sept 2017 - 49mb zipped, 230mb unzipped, 593 items. Quite impressive growth over the last 2 years!!


Was this your handle on the previous forum? I don’t remember you being so active on the last one. Is this a new incarnation or just a new interest? :+1:


My moniker on the old forum was @Bryan58, but I’ve been a little inactive for the last few months. The new forum has renewed my interest!


Yeah, the new forum really feels more like a place than a bulletin board.


Definitely agree, though I did like the previous forum too!


Awesome, didn’t even think of looking for the patches


Thank you, just starting out with Aud. so this is great!