Norns: from the makers of Monome


I want this but for Audulus! :cry:



It can be a rob? That’s me!

Seriously though, you could easily make a patch like the guy in the video with delay nodes. Obviously it will get easier with the sample node, but I still prefe the ipad running Audulus to an ES-8 over Norns.


Yeah, there’s just something about “Audulus in a self-contained box” that I would love to see happen.


This looks interesting, sits somewhere between an Organelle and Kyma. It uses Super Collider for DSP and lua to patch things together… If Audulus could run on ARM processors maybe something like this could be hacked together… Isn’t Organelle simply a linux box running Pure Data?


Yep, I considered getting one over christmas but opted for an octatrack instead. I did this mostly because patching in pd was not as straightforward as Audulus. I can’t imagine how I would get on with supercollider, given that I’m not a computer engineer.


Nice! I got an Octatrack too, I have it paired with an Analog4… How are you finding it?
I’m tempted to give Supercollider a shot, I know lua quite well now so this Norns thing has me intrigued


An iPad is pretty self contained. Seriously I suppose you could build something without a display but you would still need a way to load a patch and interact with it(MIDI perhaps) plus audio IO. It might be hard to produce cheaper than an iPad. It might cool if there was a way to offload the actual audio engine to an external unit and use the iPad for a UI only.


I was thinking of doing this with my iPhone whenever I get a new one…I will probably just freeze it and have a synth that I make that I love and can just keep running on there and noodle with. Wish I had enough money to have a space ES-8 and I could take the faceplate off it and drill holes in an enclosure and just turn it into a patchbay for the synth!


I keep forgetting about the iPhone. Not very cost effective but If you’ve got a spare one it certainly makes a compact Audulus unit. Add an iTrack or another interface and you’ve got a complete package.