New to Audulus?

Hello, I’m a total newbie to Audulus and wanted to ask for some guidance on how where to start. I’ve read through some of the forum posts, a lot of the math and such goes over my head. Do I need to be a mathematician to be able to understand Audulus? Any help or comments are appreciated.

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Just a little basic math goes a long way. Audulus will be more rewarding if you fully engage your creative faculties though, so the more you push your knowledge the more interesting you will find your time with Audulus.

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Thanks for the advice, I’ve used your videos as a springboard to Audulus and have to say that they have given me a foundation on what the possibilities are. I’ll just dive head first and use this forum as reference if I come across any hurdles. Thanks for the reply!


This question gets asked a lot, and my response is always - what do you want to use Audulus for? If you can be more specific about what your goals are with Audulus, we can give you more specific advice. Do you want to build things, or just use what’s there? If you want to build something, if you’re specific about what you want to build, then we can definitely help you make whatever you want! :slight_smile:

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