Using Audulus with ES-8 on iOS with other apps

hey everyone,

ive been having a lot of fun using the audulus / es-8 combination, my goal is to have a small 84hp rack with a focus on live performance. i use samplr in my current live setup.
anyone know if its possible to run samplr and audulus at the same time ? would audio out of samplr have to come out of one of the es-8 outputs? or is there some way to route the audio out of samplr through the headphone out? wondering if audiobus or aum could do this. any tips would be greatly appreciated


Samplr is no longer being supported with updates as the Dev has started working full time at Apple. I loved that app as well, but I haven’t been using it the past year or so as I anticipate it will be fully obsolete in the near future.

In general, Aum is the best tool for sharing the ES-8 among different apps. But Audulus really does best when it is hogging the ES-8. When I start trying to cram more into the workflow than just Audulus and the modular then I end up spending more time trying to figure out how to make the apps play nicely with each other than making music.

When the Audulus iOS plug-in is updated then it should be a lot more straight-forward to fit Audulus in with other apps, but that project has been in the works for quite a while.

TL;DR Audulus wants to use the ES-8 all by itself, maybe this will change when @taylor gives us an updated plug-in.