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Nothing too innovative here. I ripped @biminiroad’s patch from his Soft A VCA but switched out the oscillator for @stschoen’s frequency shift keyed dual oscillator and threw a backbeat in that utilizes one of my favourite sequencers — the Reticulated Gate Sequencer by @robertsyrett. I modded @RudigerMeyer’s Hordijk inspired Phaser by replacing the button with a knob so that the patch remembers the middle setting for the kick drum sound I was looking for.

Broke Back Beat Dirt.audulus (846.6 KB)

My favourite part of this patch is the low CPU. It is iPAD friendly and I think it is a good base for knob twisting.


I noticed I had an envelope floating around that I didn’t need because of how I fed one of the fsk dual oscillator to the VCA, so I took it out. Then I tuned the snare a little different, as well as the kick and modulated the coarse frequency knob on one of the dual oscillators a bit for some tighter electro sound. It bloops a little bit more now.

Broke Back Beat Dirt 0.2.audulus (837.9 KB)


I noticed that spare envelope also :wink: Sounds great!

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