New Forum Appreciation Thread



I didn’t know how much more I would like this new forum, and I was pretty sure I would like Audulus running on discourse. I’m glad @jjthrash suggested it!


Yes, it’s looking good! Nice with the markdown option. I think it’s going to be a great improvement.


I love that you can see which links have been clicked on the most, especially in places like this:


So far I’m just blown away by Discourse. This is my first experience with the platform and I’m very impressed with its capabilities. I think that this will be a wonderful home for the Forum going forward and was certainly worth any momentary pain during the transition. A Discourse Primer might be a good topic for the Learn Category.


All of the tutorials about the forum go into the Forum Support category - and here is the Discourse Primer you asked for!


That was fast! :grinning:


I started creating tutorials that go along with the Sound On Sound Synth Secrets series. Check it out here!

I’ll try to chip away at this over time.


In the thread list, knowing when a thread was started, and when the last post was, as well as having them sorted with most recent activity first, was always a plus. I don’t see any dates or times in the thread list at all. Because I don’t see that information, it’s hard to tell with what I’m seeing is really most recent activity first. Is there something in forum options that I have to set? In the last day or two I’ve spent three times as much time in the forum, and haven’t gotten as much out of it as I did in the old. It feels like I’m having to put so much more effort into just finding my way around.


The time since the post was made is displayed in the upper right of the post. The Latest menu item displays the threads with the newest posts


One of the things I really like about discourse that it actually tracks a lot of the stuff you mention in a pretty comprehensive way. It literally draws a little red line where my last visit was :slight_smile:


@motmeister - does this help?