New AudioKit FM Player 2

For all you iOS folks the fine people at AudioKit have a new version of FM Player 2 on sale for 99 cents. Their Digital D1 Synth is also worth checking out and all the proceeds go toward funding the AudioKit project. The free Synth 1 is also worth a look. A nice complement to Audulus and should integrate nicely when V4 comes out.


Already bought it. I had avoided this one as it was so huge, but now that the app size is a lot smaller I bought it. Definitely got some good sounds that remind me of synths like the DX7 and it’s close relatives.

I agree on getting Synth One, as that’s a great freebie, and if you really want to support the developers (a very worthwhile cause) I also recommend Digital D1 - it’s $14.99 but sometimes goes on sale for less - that’s also a fantastic iOS app.


I agree. I’ve used AudioKit and it’s a project well worth supporting. I’ve got all three and I’m looking forward to a macOS release at some point.

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I actually found Audulus in a round-about way through FM Player.

My musical journey so far has been:

  1. Beatmaker 3
  2. FM Player
  3. Synth One (This is where I really started getting interested in sound design and making music)
  4. Ops (re-imagined modular. Love the layout and workflow, but has a lot of bugs and missing features)
  5. D1
  6. Audulus 3

I really wanted an app that would allow me to not only create unique sounds from scratch, but also turn those sounds into complete multiple “instrument” songs. I really didn’t want to combine apps, or do a lot of switching between apps. Audulus has fit that need nicely.

Next to Audulus, I think Synth One is really great for tinkering around. I did not use the D1 for long as I liked Synth One a bit more. I did not feel badly about paying for it because as @stschoen noted, I’m happy to support Audio Kit and thankful for it starting this journey!

(Not to hijack the thread but feel it’s worth noting) I’d like to use Ops more just because the workflow is so great, but the project is more or less dead and there are just too many limitations. I’d still recommend it to experience the workflow alone. You can create some really interesting sounds with it very quickly.

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Haven’t been following that news - are they to be released as standalone apps or as AU plugins?

Seems like I read something to that effect but I can’t seem to find it now. Maybe it was just wishful thinking. :cowboy_hat_face: