Needing to re-download from iCloud Drive after modules, patches sometimes disappear

This is a problem that has plagued me for ages, but I saw it again tonight and had to ask.

I keep all my patches and modules in my iCloud Drive because it allows me to manage them from my OS X laptop, even though I usually use Audulus on my iPad. I then download them from the little cloud with a down arrow icon and off I go…

…that is, until I go a few weeks or so or more without using Audulus and when I come back, instead of being on my iPad, they’re gone! The cloud and down arrow icon is back and I have to download them all over again. This is frustrating and I can’t figure out what is causing it. Is there some setting I am unaware of? I’m afraid I’ll show up for a gig one day and things I need will be magically missing. I guess I could go back to traditional syncing, but this is so much more convenient otherwise.


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When an app uses iCloud for storage iOS views the local store as a cache and iCloud as the primary location. When iOS needs additional space, it feels free to delete files that are also stored in iCloud. Note that this behavior is not limited to Audulus, iOS will do the same with any app that has iCloud storage enabled. You might be able to turn off iCloud in Audulus and use the Files app to move patches.


Thanks so much. I feared this could be one explanation but I didn’t know, so I appreciate the confirmation of iCloud behavior. I’ll try a Files-based workflow. Cheers!

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