My new app is out!


Some of you were curious about the graphics app I’ve been working on. Here it is:


Did you make the example sculptures?


We hired two artists :slight_smile:




When I acquire an iPad Pro, I’ll have to pick this up.


I downloaded it and about to get tucked in. You got any resource link for me?


This app is actually super fun.


Any chance you could share an obj file of it? The Shaderific app can be used to add glsl shaders to them and rotate them around space.


Wow, nice find! This is these two should be a bundle!


What @taylor might consider is a third app for being able to integrate Audulus 3 with sculptura so the parameters from Audulus could animate the obj files created for music videos. Perhaps a DanceMoreOrLess app?


I’m already kind of wishing i could use nodes and expressions to make geometric shapes or more than 2 planes of symmetry. That being said, the challenge of just learning the tools and interface is my primary focus,

I would upload the .obj, but even zipped, it is larger than the 3mb limit. edit, here is a dropbox link


And here’s m y reason #345 to get an ipad


Thank you. Here’s an SVG of your .obj that’s been colorized and put into an Audulus patch (just because you can).
Robert.audulus (580.8 KB)


Amazing! For some reason I didn’t notice that was an svg in Audulus before. I messed around with shaderific for a little bit but realized there is actually a bit of a learning curve and I wasn’t going to learn much having been up all night. Does it export svg files?


The dangers of large SVG files is shown above.

Shaderiffic doesn’t export SVG but I can still use other apps to make them from screen shots of the app.


Love this!!! Looks like an evil guy out of a Dickens novel :slight_smile:



This looks great. About to purchase…Can you import obj models to start off with?



@Taylor has set up a similar forum for Scuptura at:

Probably the best place to ask Sculptura questions


Alas, we can only make rgb lights go twinkle. (Oh, and we have that neat bar display). But did you see that amazing 2-D tv project someone put together in Audulus? It reminds me of the “slow scan TV” from ham radio. I go “huh?” but I’m impressed at the accomplishment nonetheless.

We had that old pre-intel mac program, Strata-3D, a long, long time ago, when I had a little company doing that sort of stuff (I just looked and I see that they’re still at it! Yay for them!). I think I got paid a few bucks to make a flying donut video, or flying letters or something exciting like that. A sculptor I am definitely NOT.

Still, I’m intrigued…


I made the TV! There’s actually another one someone else made that is like a scope that uses delay nodes for each pixel. It’s pretty cool - I can’t remember what it’s called though or who made it. You can do some wild visuals with it.

I finally got an Apple Pencil so I’m excited to get started with Sculptura not just using my fingers! Haha