Musings on sampling in Audulus 4

So people may have noticed I’ve taken a step back from Audulus since leaving official duties, but I’m still really excited about its future.

I recently got back to my music-making roots and I’m not using a literally century-old Gibson 3/4 guitar to make a new album. The artistic compelling idea behind it is to only have two guitar parts at most on one track and to make the most use of that as i can.

This guitar sounds unbelievably good - it records beautifully and plays fast, especially since it’s got a shorter neck. I’ve never been able to play on a Gibson guitar let alone an antique one, so it’s a real treat (borrowed from my landlord who lives upstairs and has a huge collection of guitars).

What I’m thinking about is Audulus 4 and sampling and how I can integrate what I love about musicians like The Books and what I know how to do in Audulus with the future of sampling in Audulus 4. I’m just really excited about taking something like this ancient instrument and making a sample pack I can use in 4 to make cool music.

So one thing I’m going to do in preparation is do stuff like make a sample pack of each note plucked and tuned across the fretboard, basic chords, and other things I think of as I record.

I guess I’m just saying this to get people thinking and preparing for sampling when it comes - start making your sample packs now so you can hit the ground running with Audulus 4.

I’ll of course be sharing any sample pack I make here with you all!


Good to see you back on the Forum. Hope your studies are going well. It’s a massive job to build a comprehensive set of samples for an acoustic instrument. I’m amazed at the sheer number of samples used in some of the Live sampled instruments. Good luck with the project. I’m envious of your opportunity to play a classic Gibson. I’ve always been a fan. I passed the 1940s ES-175 I got from my dad, down to my son, but I’ve still got the 60s vintage SG I bought new. Old guitars, if they’re taken care of, just get better and better.

I like the diary approach myself for making a personal sample library.

I find that when I browse by chronological order rather than type of sound I get a lot more sonic serendipity. On the other hand, I have been enjoying some of those packs that came with Ableton, and those are glorified sample packs.

Whatever it takes to make a song happen :slight_smile:


A while back spent time grabbing historic drum machine samples. That has been worth it for sure. I was using them in Ableton here and there, but they really came in handy in Beatmaker 3’s sampler section with the pads.


Also want to add that Native Instrument’s Form is a heck of a lot of fun. It is a good way to take those classic samples and make them your own. I imagine we will get into the kind of techniques that Form uses when we start to work with Audulus 4.

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