Music Software & Bad Interface Design: Avid’s Sibelius

I’ve never used Sibelius, but this guy critiquing it has a lot of good insight on software design!


Here’s the companion video:

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I love how he loses his mind at the end. Highly entertaining.


Both of them were a lot of fun and well worth watching. I think he makes some very valid points in both videos. I particularly liked his comments on skeuomorphic design. In switching from Reaper to Ableton, I found that I much prefer the mixer section in Reaper which is a more skeuomorphic design. Not that I was tempted, but Sibelius certainly sounds like a real train wreck. I use Tabledit which is an inexpensive score/tablature editor. I’ve also played around with Finale, and it’s very capable, but overkill for my needs.


Well I’ll be damned! I thought it was because I was too stupid to use Sibelius! I feel a little better now. It reminds me of superglue. Great tool, but one false step and you’ve glued your fingers to something.


Correction: POWERFUL tool!


I think most of this just comes down to not having the right people in control. It happens with restaurants. Often the best thing an owner can do is just get the hell out of the way, since the direction of things is guided by the customers, servers and chefs. I understand that there are moments when owners need to stimulate the arrangement. But, some of the best owners I have met just stand behind their working staff and enjoy the ride! I just ate at one of my favourite breakfast spots. Two of the waitresses have worked there for around 30 years. I could have just ate the free hotel breakfast this morning, but I went back because I get a lot out of being part of business transactions that compliment my sociological preferences. The modular synthesis scene has also attracted some brilliant people who are probably involved out of similar sociological interests. I don’t think there will ever be money in that preference. However, there is a point in which the guy with the plastic $60,000 car and the awkward suit is just a guy with a $60,000 plastic car and an awkward suit.

But this stuff is city wide. I was looking for a duvet in a store, asked for help finding one. The person went to get another person who came to me and spread their arms out and claimed, “what we have is what you see.” So I said, “you didn’t even try helping me look.” “It’s all good, nevermind,” then I left the store. I was not mad at anyone, because I know that being modern doesn’t make you great. People were great thousands of years ago in isolated exotic cultures.

I also had that rough experience with cables for my elektron. When I went back yesterday I tried to tactfully explain that I was recommended the wrong cables, then explain what does work properly so no one else gets misled. I tried to do it in the most nonchalant, considerate no big deal way. The dude at the counter didn’t get it, but we were both polite to each other.

So its not a software thing guys. Its a Buddhist thing. :rofl:

You know, not many people give me a good shake when they find out I study academic philosophy. To us philosophers though, everyone basically has the same problems, over and over. Our business is partly to try to find the right techniques to sow a garden of minds, a future fruitful community. Which is just to say, Audulus is a complete success. Congratulations, take it or leave it.


Well put! I really enjoyed philosophy at Uni, despite being a hard-headed engineering major. The world would be a much poorer place without those of us who dedicate their lives to thinking about thinking. :cowboy_hat_face: