MonoToMoreThanQuad node?

Hello dear audulus community, I am new to audulus and am excited about the possibilities it offers so I started experimenting. I have started to build a polyphonic sequencer. Unfortunately I can’t quite figure out how audulus processes polyphonic signals. I see that audulus with the midi keyboard node is able to process signals with a polyphony of 16 over one polyphonic connection. But when I search for a node that combines 16 mono signals to one 16 channel connection I only find a node that converts two mono signals into one 2 channel signal (MonoToStereo),a nodes that converts one 2 channel signal into two mono signals(StereoToMono),a node that convert four single channels into one 4 channel signal(MonoToQuad),a node that convert one 4 channel signal into four mono signals(QuadToMono) and one that convert one polyphonic signal into one mono signal(PolyToMono). But what i need is a node like the QuadToMono but with let’s say 8 or 16 inputs instead. So my quastion is: how can i merge more than 4 mono signals into one multichannel connection??
Muchas gracias:D


In version 3 of Audulus (the current version), the quad node is the largest one available. Other than the keyboard node, it’s not possible to create a signal with more than 4 channels. In the next version (Audulus 4) the existing poly nodes are deprecated and there is a new set of multichannel combine and split nodes that allow unlimited channels. There is also a node that reports the current channel count and one that provides a channel index. Audulus 4 is currently in beta.


Thank you for your help! Sounds like good news to me. I will try the beta of audulus 4