Mono & Stereo VU Meters


Mono and Stereo VU meters

These meters use the Audulus meter node but are logarithmic and have ballistic characteristics similar to a traditional VU meter. They included a clipping indicator and are calibrated so that +5 VU is clipping.


Input Signal Range Notes
uVU%20IO -1 to 1 Audio signal (stereo or mono)


Meter Displays Notes
uVU%20Clip%20small Clip Signal exceeds -1 to 1
uVU%20level%20small Level Signal level in dB

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.1.1 uVU meter mono V1.1.audulus (12.7 KB)
uVU meter stereo V1.1.audulus (24.2 KB)
4/25/2018 Fixed wiring error in mono file
1.1 - 04/24/18 Initial upload to new Forum - Changed VU scale so +5 dB is clipping