Missing modules?

Hi I’ve been following the tutorials only to find many module/categories seem to be unavailable compared to what is shown in the tutorials/getting started docs. For example here you have filter, math etc

But this is what I can see

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I was following the tutorial about using multilple clocks sharing a single slower clock that resets the others and I got stuck looking for the ‘or’ module

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The module library was updated after those videos were made and the module collection was revised. This is the oldest collection of factory modules I have. I think the “or” module is in the booleania patch, Sorry that it’s not better organized but it’s a copy of the raw library from the macOS version.
modules.zip (3.8 MB)
@biminiroad may have a set of the older modules in folders.

to make your own or module all you need is an expression node that reads (InputA + InputB) > 0 and you should be ready to combine clocks!

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