MIDI Trigger nodes: can we select the MIDI channel?

Am I missing something? I finally got myself a MIDI controller, and having fun playing with it. One issue I can’t seem to beat is this: The controller pads can be set to send out various MIDI messages, defaulting to note/velocity. Trouble is, I can’t get the MIDI trigger nodes to look at a specific channel only, as I can with the keyboard node. There’s always an associated note number, and If I hit that note on the keyboard it also trips the button. I can specify some “no man’s land” region of the keyboard and tell the pads to issue that note, but that’s an awkward fix. Could you add a setting for the trigger node to set a MIDI channel, defaulting to Omni? Same no doubt for the pitch bend.

At this point the triggers, knobs and pitch bend are hardwired to omni and will receive messages on any channel. Hopefully you will be able to specify a channel in the next release. I map triggers to the MIDI notes from 0 - 20 and 109 - 127 since those are outside the 88 key range on a full size keyboard

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Yep, that’s what I did. Thanks for the info. I’m glad it’s in the queue for next release.


Correction! I HOPE it’s in the queue!