MIDI hanging notes


I’m starting to dip my toes into Audulus and it’s been great—I’ve been waiting for this for a while. Thanks to all who’ve worked hard at it!

I’m currently experimenting with the AU midi out capabilities to sequence other AUs and a microfreak. It works really well and I’ve now built a sequencer that tries to replicate some of the functionalities of the 0-cntrl. However, I’ve been experiencing hanging notes with my sequencer and the those from the included modules when running very fast sequences, or when I happen to change the value of a knob while that particular step is still active. I’ve never experienced this behavior from the other sequencers I’m using (PD, mirack, drambo).

One reason might be that I’m not sure what to send into the Gate input of the Note Send Module, but I’ve tried various possibilities (short and long gates, envelopes) and it’s still messy.

Additionally, it seems that the microfreak does not respond to “panic” on cc #123, so I need to program a brute all notes off message. I can’t seem to find one in the Old Forum.

Does anyone happen to have one ready?

Thanks so much!

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Welcome to the Forum! Glad you could join us.

The MIDI Note Send module works as follows. When the gate goes positive (typically 1), the module transmits a MIDI note-on message with the note and velocity values input to the module. When the gate returns to zero, the module sends a note-off message using the current values on the note and velocity inputs. Since the module does not buffer the values it’s important that the note value doesn’t change while the gate is high. If so, it will send a note-off that doesn’t match the note on and you will have a stuck note. Sequencers in Audulus can sometimes be a bit tricky. Getting the timing right for the various events sometimes takes a bit of work.

Keep in mind that Version 4 is still in Beta and it’s possible that this behavior may change in future.

If the micro freak isn’t responding to CC#123 (all notes off) I guess you could send a zero velocity note-on/note-off pair for each note.

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Thanks for your reply. This explains things and is mostly what I was assuming. I don’t have time to attempt this until the weekend, but it occurs to me that a S&H and delay feedback combo can store the value of each knob and send a note off message (Not Out with Velocity 0) when the knob is moved before storing the new value, to avoid the gap between note on and off messages. I’ll give it a try, but with my amateur programming skills it might take a while.

I’ll report back if I get better results—and hopefully this can be addressed in future updates!

That might work, but a note-off message is not the same as a note-on with 0 velocity. At the moment there is no way in Audulus to send a note-off without also sending a note-on. In order to allow for changing the note value while the note Wass playing you would need to first send a note-off by dropping the gate, then change the value, then send a new note. I think you would have to buffer the knob value with a sample and hold, detect a change in the value, send a note off by dropping the gate, grab the new knob value, then send a new note-on. Not a simple task, but certainly not impossible.

I think the best approach might be to monitor the input to the note send module itself and drop the gate if it changes. Of course if you are feeding it with a knob you would send a whole stream of notes as you moved the knob. Probably not what you would intend