Mic node

Hi I was wondering If you could help me figure something out I’m trying to figure out how to make the mic node stay at zero until it gets triggered by the input from a synth in my daw so it can trigger A pitch shift to make a turntable slowing down effect

Pitch shift.audulus (1.5 KB)

In the patch you posted the timer node will be reset any time the input to the node drop to zero or below. Since the audio wave from your synth goes above and below zero it will constantly reset the node. The first step to solving this is to use an envelope follower node. This will produce a positive output when fed an audio signal. Next you will need an expression to set a threshold to avoid re-triggering the timer from stray noise on the input. I used 0.1 as the value but you may need to adjust it. Now, when there is an audio signal greater than the threshold it will reset the timer node and the spline will run to the end. Note that you can also use the ADC and DAC nodes instead of the mike and speaker nodes.
Modified Pitch shift.audulus (2.5 KB)

That’s awesome thank you. What is EF though?

Envelope follower I see it now thank u

I just chose that as a variable name. It stands for envelope follower but you could have used “x” or “y” or any other name.

You might find this useful: The Audulus Expression Node