Master Setup (Ableton + Traktor)

I am asking this question here, and not on the software namesake’s forum, because the people here are more familiar with my whole setup…

Does anyone know what the best approach might be to dealing with sound coming from different programs? I know I could probably do something with Soundflower or something, but the use case also matters. I am using Ableton as a multitrack recorder of an Analog Four, which itself is receiving the stereo out from a modular rack. So Audulus (ipad) > Rack (ES-8) > Analog Four > Macbook (Ableton).

So that is all fine. However, I also want to run Traktor so I can mix finished tracks, but I am interested in being able to mix the signal out of Traktor with the Signal out of Ableton – or, be able to bring each one into another. So this would allow you to use one of the four tracks in Traktor to host Ableton.

Right. So the issue is that I need to get the sound from both Traktor’s stereo out, as well as Ableton’s. Then I need a way to mix them.

Is there an AU version of Traktor you could load into Live? Sorry, I don’t own Traktor, but I do load Native Instruments AU plugins into Live, so wondered if that’s an option.

No AU. It does have Ableton Link though. So there is no sync issues. Nice transport sync.

Soundflower is one possibility. This post recommends Jack OS X

Since Traktor doesn’t support rewire, I think you’ll need to use one of these to route the audio. I’ve used Soundflower quite a bit and I haven’t had any issues but the poster feels that Jack OS X is more stable. You will want to lower the buffer size in Soundflower as low as you can get away with to minimize any latency issues.

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