Massive Performer In Audulus

Has this been made yet (7:40)? Seems simple enough. I may give it a go if it hasn’t.

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There’s this:


Underachiever v006 (BETA)

  • 16 steps
  • made 16 shapes

Underachiever v006.audulus (29.8 KB)



Underachiever v009 (BETA)

  • working demo
  • not all shapes worked out (yet)
  • need to size shapes to tempo next

Underachiever v009.audulus (55.2 KB)


Underachiever v010 (BETA)

Underachiever v010.audulus (66.6 KB)

  • got the size pretty close
  • having trouble with tempo sync
    • kind of know what needs to be done: as you decrease the tempo by half, you need to double the adsr. just can’t brain the knob right now…
    • seeing if beer helps the situation… come on brain!
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Underachiever v015 (BETA)

  • worked on controls. can switch a few shapes.
  • tempo knob still giving me trouble. cheated a bit with a mux8.
  • adsr size not perfect yet
  • straightened knobs
  • exposed waveform
  • turned down volume

Underachiever v015.audulus (205.3 KB)

Any ideas or ways to do things better while this is in the early stages would help please. (Tag team the thing)


I didn’t realize excite bike had a song mode!


Be nice if there were lights for the steps. Also an envelope legend for the 4 options. And I think you should have your own custom vector graphic logo. :rainbow:


Underachiever v022 (BETA)

  • figured out a way to do tempo sync
    • brain just needed some time it seems
  • added some lights for the steps
  • doubled the waveform
  • wave order switched
  • sine wave
  • square wave gate works
  • adsr resized
  • some math cleaned up
  • hz input instead of knob
  • master amp no longer changes the waveform

Underachiever v022.audulus (271.8 KB)



Underachiever v024 (BETA)

  • reworked shapes (patch should run cooler)
    • flip button
  • fixed wiring mistake

Underachiever v024.audulus (299.2 KB)


Underachiever v039 (BETA)

  • started playing with phasors
    • NOTE: making pops (prob a sizing issue)
    • ratio display now shows number of waves per step
  • fixed some wiring mistakes
  • added two more phasor waves (thinking of getting rid of the adsr’s)
  • reverted back to v033
    • phasor counter was getting messed around with ratio switch
  • got the triangle wave down finally
  • waveform vertical size knob

Underachiever v039.audulus (503.1 KB)


Underachiever v045

  • re-did everything with phasors
  • split the wave into two parts
  • doesn’t pop anymore
  • shifted knobs a bit
  • turned down volume
  • flip vert and flip horz buttons
  • gates buttons fixed up

Underachiever v045.audulus (586.1 KB)


Looking forward to using this. Really nice work.

Thanks man!

Underachiever v063 (BETA)

  • changed “ratio” of waves to “#” of waves
    • 1 to 8 waves per step
  • cleaned up the demo a bit
  • fixed some wiring mistakes
    • first step gates work again
  • ratio knob
    • must restart patch after switching
      • reminder light
    • got all the multiple waves working in half mode
      • maybe not the most elegant solution (going to try some fract*(x-a) stuff as well)
  • merged adsr waveform
  • loose wire no longer loose
  • res knob no longer yells at you when you turn it all the way down
  • refixed copied mistake
    • first step gates
  • half mode working
  • straightened knob
  • full mode working
  • straightened another knob

Underachiever v063.audulus (813.9 KB)

Underachiever v064 (BETA)

  • attack and decay per step
    • no longer doing funny things (copied wrong wire)
  • straightened knob

Underachiever v064.audulus (899.3 KB)

  • working on both gate directions next
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